UK Prime Minister to visit Africa for Business after burning bridges with the European Union

British Prime Minister Theresa May is to visit Africa for the first time as Prime Minister, looking for trade opportunities and fresh markets after a near disastrous Brexit that has left Britain locked out the lucrative and all powerful European Union market.

Theresa May, who was one of the main architects and backers of the Brexit referendum in which millions of Britons were convinced to vote to leave the European Union has had a difficult time negotiating fair trade deals and agreements with the European Union since it after a successful referendum in which the majority of Britons voted to leave the EU, it became apparent that Britain can not continue to enjoy the same business and trade opportunities as before.

Britain will have less access to the European Union market and is also being removed from Europe’s Galileo satellite project, a move that has angered British ministers and led them to draw up plans to build their own satelite project.

Airbus, the pan European aircraft manufacturer has also drawn plans to close down plants in the UK where some of the parts were manufactured. Thousands of jobs are to be lost in the process.

It is thought that Theresa May will now focus on creating new trade deals with Commonwealth countries to compensate for the loss of the European Union market.

Indeed, her visit to Africa has been carefully planned, singling out the three countries with the best performing economies and potential for growth. She will visit South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya all of which are fast growing economies, with high GDPs  and potential for even greater growth.

May will visit South Africa first, followed by Nigeria and then conclude her visit with Kenya where she will meet Uhuru Kenyatta and be honored with a state dinner.