Ugandans left helpless after violent clamp down of Opposition figures

Opposition political figures and Members of Parliament are fighting for their lives after a violent assault by the military forces during a by-election in the Northern City of Arua. In the highly contested by-election, Mr Kasiano Wadri, an opposition figure won from behind the bars where he had been placed by the military police, a move that commentators claimed was to give an advantage to the government backed candidate.

Mr Kasiano Wadri was held in custody with four other opposition Members of parliament who were reportedly severely beaten in custody.

One member of parliament. Mr Zaake is on a life support machine at a Kampala hospital after being dumped there by security operatives. The President later claimed that Mr Zake had escaped from custody.

A high profile musician turned legislator, Silver Kyagulanyi is still in custody and has not been seen in public since his arrest nearly a week past. His lawyers and family who have managed to visit him say he was beaten severely and may need a kidney transplant to survive. His driver was shot dead during the election.

Ugandans who gathered to demonstrate in the capital Kampala were met with live bullets, tear gas and severe beatings by a heavily armed police.