“I spent 13 years in the bush,” Museveni reminds Ugandans

Uganda’s strong man President Yoweri Museveni took to the airwaves to remind Ugandans of the time he spent in the bush and also remind them to stay in their lane and not get carried away by the recent events in the country that saw a bloody and violent clampdown on opposition figures.

The short speech was given after thousands of Ugandans took to social media to protest the arrest of opposition leader Silver Kyagulani and also protest against the violence meted out by the police forces that has already claimed a number of lives and left many severely injured.

In the short speech which was more of a monolgue, and which has been translated by our reporter, the 75 year old President who has been in power for over thirty years said,” I have heard that many of you want to take to the streets to demonstrate and copy those people in the Arab spring. You say the Tunisians were able to remove their leader by starting mass protests but here is the question for you, did you hear of any leader in those countries who spent 13 years in the bush?”

He also gave them a proverb saying, ” the bull that wants to die licks the axe,” and warned that those who try to provoke him will be dealt with severely.

“I was in the bush fighting for 13 years and i guarantee you i will not allow any chaos or demonstrations in this country,” he warned.